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60 years of experience in the world of hosiery:
the perfect partner to make your brand smile.

From idea to product, we develop your private sock label.


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Our research creates your product.

We start from an analysis of your needs and wants, and use it to research and develop customized prototypes of socks and pantyhose, fashion, technical, sports, work, and professional socks and garments, and classic underwear. We can customize any of our models for your needs, come up with a brand new line, or create the ideal product just for you.

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Quality is our added value.

We seek out the most comfortable and high-performance materials and sustainable fabrics that meet market demands, fit modern lifestyles, and keep up with the latest trends. We always use healthy, sustainable raw materials.
All our productions are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and Detox-ZDHC certified. In addition, on request we can produce models and lines that are 100% organic, GOTS & Fairtrade certified, and with sustainable packaging.

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Technology 4.0 for an efficient, flexible production.

Our technologically innovative machinery enables us to maximize productivity and production quality.
For pantyhose: circular machines with 340, 384, 400, and 432 needles on a 4 and 4¼ inch diameter cylinder. For socks: single- and double-cylinder circular machines with from 84 to 200 needles and a cylinder diameter of 3½ to 4 inches. We also have 12- to 18-inch machines for the production of seamless garments.
We offer great flexibility in meeting your quantity requirements, whether for high-volume orders or smaller collections.

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Our services are customized for your needs.

We can offer you ad hoc services, starting with the logistical aspects. We take care of your product assortment and reassortment. We manage warehousing and stock for you. We use a sorting and delivery system that meets your planning and scheduling needs precisely and punctually.

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We study the graphic design and packaging for you.

Our in-house graphic design department accompanies you throughout all phases of the creative process, and also in the initial communication to the customer. In fact, in addition to creating your product’s image, our designers also study the ideal packaging for an effective, distinctive, and memorable presentation to your customers.

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We support you in your shops.

Even when it comes to arranging your shelves, we support you directly in your shops with customized consulting and the creation of POP and other displays and materials. Thanks to our visual merchandising services, you can highlight your product, attract customers, and win them over right then and there, on the spot.

Who we are

We are Alber, an Italian company that has been producing quality, trend-setting hosiery and underwear for over 60 years. Sustainability, ethics, and attention to people’s well-being are our guiding values. We produce a full range of pantyhose and socks, as well as classic underwear and work socks, and have been working for Italian and international private labels for 20 years.

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